NOV 2015


It all started with the first “Allstartup Games”; An event held at Madrid by the incubator Demium Games; There they gathered game designers, programmers and artists to start the incubator. After a weekend making a game jam, we were selected separately and created a team. We didn’t know each other at that time, so it began the team-building phase making a ton of gamejams.

FEB 2016


Once the team was settled, we started the creation idea phase, and there was a Winner, “Bartender Tales”, a strategy mobile game with RPG elements where the player had to manage an medieval fantastical inn, he could build and customize his own tavern, and he could send heroes to quests to save the world.

JUN 2016



After a lot of work, and a lot of changes in the team, we realized that Bartender Tales was too big for us; We lacked the experience and the resources to finish it with the quality we wanted, so we killed it. (Althought in true this project it’s frozen, maybe.. maybe someday we can take out the freezer and return it to life, who knows).

After that, we started a small project, with a deadline of a month; Tower Legends was a beat’em up mobile game. It had an intuitive control scheme for a beat’em up, and levels made procedurally. But, the game was not released, it did not match the quality expectations we expected of the project, so we killed it.

JUL 2016


This time the morale hit was really hard, and we had casualties in the team. But we didn’t lose hope, as the Starcraft caster Sean “Day[9]” Plott says: “Never give up, never surrender”, and that’s becoming one of our mottos recently. So we spent a few weeks brainstorming and jamming to find a game idea that was scalable, and with a scope within our skills reach.

AUG 2016


As time goes by, we found a little gem, it was a game about fighting with a party of heroes with classes from the typical RPGs, in real time combats, where instead of skills that you use immediately, the player had a deck with the skills of the heroes. And the heroes would unlock more cards the more they level up and.. well, a lot of things.

But, we had to prove that the game was worth our time, that this time we could really do it; So our game was presented at the “#RefeDemium”, an event where every team pitches his game, and then all the office votes Yes or No; We needed at least 70% Yes to start the project. We got 100%.

DEC 2016


By this time, the huge talented and hard worker Hellyon White joins the team, as a result Iter Cards reaches a breaking point and begins to transform into Golden Arcana, now we had a visual style defined and all the pieces we had prototyped in the last months start to fit together.


We've grown up to a team of 4 people, although we colaborate too with the musician Gerard Bosch to breathe life and sounds into our games and our first game Golden Arcana is ready to see the light of day; It'll be softlaunched soon and depending on how well it works, we'll make a global launch or maybe we kill it and start a new game. Stay tuned to our facebook or twitter to know more about us!