JOBS| UI/UX Artist

From Iter Games, we are looking for a motivated and willing 2D Artist to join the team and work at Golden Arcana. Your main role will be UI Artist and UX Designer (here you have a video explanation of what it is to be UX Designer) and you will work alongside game designers and programmers to make the players understand the game through the intuitive and eye-catching interfaces you will create.

In addition, Golden Arcana, already has a definite aesthetic, is a fantasy and sci-fi JRPG game, inspired by art nouveau and mobile games and it is expected that what you do is in line with the theme of the game.


★ You will work on the development of the game interfaces, to display as much information as possible in the best way you can.
Create the assets needed to implement the interface.
★ Iterate on the development of the interfaces until they fulfill their objective.
Support the art team in varied graphic design tasks.


★ Having the ability to create designs from sketches and concepts, to the final rendering of the interface with its corrections.
★ Demonstrate the ability to quickly generate and iterate over ideas.
★ Be able to solve problems in collaboration with the team, including other artists, designers, programmers and producers.
★ Show humility and respect when receiving feedback from the team.


★ Have worked previously in some video game (even if it has not been published).

What do we offer?

★ Remuneration based on revenue share of each project.
★ An incredible work environment along with other video game studios.
★ Access to incubator training and mentoring.
★ Possibility of being a partner of Iter Games.

If you are interested in being the Interface Artist or UX designer of Iter Games, write to jobs[@]!

Also include your CV, portfolio and everything you think it's relevant to the role in the email and tell us briefly why you think you fit into this role.

About Iter Games

Iter Games it’s a videogame studio based in Madrid, Spain. It has been working under the shelter of the business incubator Demium Games, and will release their first game Golden Arcana in open beta in a few weeks.